YOSPOSS Penis Ring Review

Of all the challenges that couples face in the bedroom, one of the most common is staying hard enough to make the sex last as long as you both want it to. Fortunately, there are now sex toys that get rid of this problem and allow couples to remain in the bedroom as long as they please, and one of those products is known as a penis ring. Also called a cock ring, these are silicone rings that fit over the base of the penis and concentrate the blood flow so that the penis stays harder much longer. The YOSPOSS penis ring is made out of a soft silicone so it is never uncomfortable, and it is both easy to use and very effective. It also comes at a ridiculously low price and therefore, you can purchase several of them without breaking the bank.


YOSPOSS Silicone Dual Penis Ring

Made from silicone, non-toxic, odorless, super soft, like baby’s skin, to provide worry-free erection support every time…


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Just a Few Basics

The cock ring made by YOSPOSS is actually a double ring and comes in a nontoxic silicone material so that it’s always comfortable and never painful. It is tight enough to fulfill its purpose but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable, and it’s super easy to use because it slips onto the base of the penis in no time. One of the things that makes this particular brand of cock ring so good is the fact that it’s a little thicker than many other penis rings, which means you’ll never have to worry about the ring cutting into you as you wear it, like you do with some other brands.

This is a gearwheel-shaped dual ring that is a little textured so that both his and her sexual pleasure are increased. It allows for the ultimate in clitoral stimulation and greatly increases the man’s pleasure as well. Best of all, it’s so comfortable to wear that even beginners can wear it with ease, and in addition to the obvious, the ring increases the length and girth of the penis and does a great job of reducing and controlling premature ejaculation. In other words, you’ll get harder, stay that way longer, and will greatly increase your pleasure the entire time you’re in the bedroom!

Another great aspect of cock rings is their ability to be worn several different ways. You can place it only on the base of the shaft, on the testicles, or stretching across both – it’s up to you. Regardless of how you wear it, the YOSPOSS penis ring is amazing in its ability to help control premature ejaculation and to keep you hard for a very long time, allowing you to enjoy your time in the bedroom like you haven’t done in a long time.

What Do Customers Say About the Ring?

If you look at reviews of the cock ring made by YOSPOSS, one of the first things you’ll notice is the number of very positive reviews it has gotten. Customers on Amazon have given it a rating of 4.2 out of a possible 5 stars, and some of their comments include the following:

  • It does the trick and more.
  • We were both satisfied with the results.
  • It is better than Viagra.
  • I had a hardon like I was 22 years old again.
  • Stretches well.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Snug but very comfortable.

Interestingly enough, this cock ring even comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee, so you truly have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If you buy a sex toy in a store, you likely will get no type of guarantee like this, but the YOSPOSS rings give you that every time.

In addition, here are some pros and cons of this cock ring according to customers and reviewers:


  • Firm but soft enough to be comfortable.
  • Made out of a high-quality silicone made to last.
  • Very reasonably priced at just under $10.
  • Instantly increases both girth and length.
  • Helps prevent premature ejaculation.


  • Some complaints about it not fitting properly.
  • Some claim it just doesn’t work.
  • Some complaints about it being too loose.
  • Some claim it broke shortly after purchase.

While there are some complaints about this cock ring, just as there are with any other product on the market, more than 80% of the customers who listed reviews online gave it very high marks and seemed to be satisfied with the results it produced. Yet another aspect that the customers seemed to love is its price. For just $9.99, you get a high-quality penis ring that promises to produce great results in the bedroom, or your money back. For less than $10, it is worth giving this product a try, especially if you have problems getting hard or staying hard long enough to please your partner.

Some Final Thoughts

The YOSPOSS penis ring is a well-made cock ring that promises great results in the bedroom. Why use lotions and pills that simply don’t work, or pay all that money for Viagra, when a simple, $10 cock ring will do the same thing? These rings work instantly, so you won’t have to wait a long time to get started with your escapades. Even if you’ve never before used a cock ring, there is no need to get nervous about this one. All you have to do is slide it over the base of the penis and/or the testicles and voila – you’re all set to go. Easy to use and super comfortable, especially if you add a little lube to the mix, this is a sex toy you’ll soon learn you can’t live without, providing you with many months of extra pleasure in the bedroom.

Best of all, this cock ring is made out of nontoxic, odorless silicone that feels as soft as a baby’s bottom, and it has the perfect combination of firmness and softness so that it is never uncomfortable while you’re wearing it. If your partner is starting to get frustrated because you’re having trouble getting or staying hard in the bedroom, a high-quality penis ring is what you need, and the one made by YOSPOSS promises never to disappoint. It also promises to last a while, meaning you can count on using it for a very long time.

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