Top 10 Best Sex Lubes in 2020 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Sex Lubes: What are They?

Sex Lubes are very useful adult products that allow for a seamless sexual penetration experience. Many people (especially young women) think they don’t have a need for Sex Lubes, but they’re wrong. When they’re used right, Sex Lubes absolutely enliven one’s sex life and can even make sexual toys more fun and powerful.

Sex Lubes for Better Oral Sex

There are flavored Sex Lubes on the market that make oral sex a tastier experience for the giver, which makes for more fun on both sides! These Sex Lubes are sugar-free, and since they taste so good the giver will always be begging for more!

Sex Lubes for Optimal Anal Sex

Anal penetration of any kind requires strong lubrication. While vaginas naturally produce their own lubrication, the anus is always dry. Sex Lubes allow for smooth penetration, and a large amount of lubrication is necessary for enjoyable and safe anal penetration experiences.

Sex Lubes for Optimal Sex Toy Use

Sex toys work much better with the use of Sex Lubes; this includes all toys, not just the anal ones. For example, a male masturbator has a tight, small opening. Small guys would have a very difficult time using one without any lubrication. Women also have a similar issue with dildos and vibrators. It’s very difficult to get the juices flowing simply at the sight of a silicone rabbit.

Sex Lubes for Supplementation of Natural Lubrication

Whether you’re young or old, there are always times you don’t have enough natural lubrication on your own. In those instances, Sex Lubes are an excellent Plan B so you won’t need to stop as things get intense!

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