Top 10 Best Ben Wa Balls in 2021 (Reviews & Tutorial)

Using Ben Wa Balls in the Bedroom

Ben Wa Balls are a completely unique sex toy. Many sex toys are built for a more active experience, with dildos being a great example. Ben Wa Balls are different because they’re more of a passive sex toy – however, proper use gives its users many fun benefits.

Using Ben Wa Balls in Kegel Exercises

Most women like using the Ben Wa Balls for use in Kegel exercises. You just stick the balls inside like a tampon, then you begin flexing and squeezing vagina muscles. These balls are weights that will work the user’s vagina. The weight of the Balls forces the muscles to work even harder to hold the balls in place, which gives a powerful Kegel workout. The rounded and small shape also strengthens the user’s pelvic floor, which enhances muscle power and makes for more powerful orgasms.

Using the Ben Wa Balls as a Sexual Stimulator

When the Kegel exercise are complete, the Ben Wa Balls can be utilized to stimulate the vagina. Most of the balls have a tiny weight whose movement matches your body movement. Though the Ben Wa Balls aren’t as strong as vibrators, they’re excellent for gentle stimulation stretched over extended periods of time. Many women like to use the balls for a whole day, especially if they have fun plans that night! The weight will move the more you move, so you have a lot of control over the stimulation. The motions are random, which is great because you won’t know exactly what to expect and you won’t get overstimulated the way many sex toys and vibrators do.

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