The Most Clitoral Toys You Can Buy Today

Most women and men know that clitoral stimulation is key to earth-shattering orgasms. There are plenty of sex toys crafted to provide exactly that in pretty little packages. You can choose from soft and gentle to more intense than you can imagine – sometimes even in the same toy!

Read on to see what we recommend in toys for clitoral stimulation, and then pick out one or more to start up or add to your collection today!


Funejoy Little Egg Sucking Vibrator

This sucking clitoral vibrator took longer than a minute to get you to orgasm,which sucking rose toy provide new way to experience foreplay…


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The Little Egg Sex Toy is a special kind of clitoral sex toy – despite the name, it doesn’t actually vibrate. The opening in the base of the toy fits securely over your clitoris and the stimulation comes from suction. It’s made to simulate the feeling of oral sex, but here you can choose the tempo and intensity from the 10 pre-programmed patterns. Suction vibrators are great for people who are extra sensitive since there’s no direct pressure on any delicate tissue.

The egg-shaped vibrator is designed so that it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and the controls are easily accessible. It’s made of body-friendly silicone that feels almost like the softest skin; you’ll love the way it touches you everywhere. The deep rose-red color and elegant metal trim make this sex toy look like a piece of modern art, and it comes in a classy black gift box that you can also use for storage. It recharges via a magnetic USB cable, which is included.


Zumio E Precision Clitoral Stimulator

Zumio E’s ultra-fine tip, is the smallest in our range. The curved, rigid stem creates a high intensity elliptical rotation & varied sensation depending on…


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As the name makes clear, the Zumio E is a precisely targeted clitoral stimulator. Like the Little Egg Sex Toy, it doesn’t exactly vibrate. The ultra-fine tip of this toy rotates in a carefully engineered elliptical pattern to deliver pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want and need it the most. It mimics the motion of a finger, but it’s way more consistent and never gets a cramp. You can choose from eight speeds, and the tip is pressure-sensitive so it adjusts automatically as your body responds to it.

The Zumio clitoral stimulator is made of the highest-quality materials, including the solid steel Spirotip. It is gently curved and rigid for precise placement. It recharges in the convenient charging base station, which is powered by a USB cable. The toy comes with a protective cap and a travel mode so you can store or transport it easily and discreetly. The motor is powerful yet whisper-quiet. The toy itself is completely waterproof for thorough cleaning or shower play time, but you’ll want to keep the base dry.


Acvioo Clitoral Licking Vibrator

This massager is in the shape of a mermaid, with high-intensity high-frequency vibration and smooth curved bottom, which is easy to control…


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This is another sex toy that mimics the feel of oral sex, but this one is complete with a sweet little silicone tongue! Similarly to the Little Egg Sex Toy, the vibrator fits nicely into the palm of your hand (or your partner’s) and can be operated one-handed because of the easily accessible controls. It’s cleverly designed to stimulate not only the clitoris but also nipples and any other sweetly sensitive areas of your body or his. Choose from 10 patterns and intensities that go from mild to wild.

The clitoral licking vibrator is made from body-friendly hot pink silicone that’s smooth and silky where it matters, but the grip area is lightly textured so it won’t get slippery no matter how much lube you use. It is completely waterproof for thorough cleaning or tub play. You get a cover to keep it clean and safe between uses, and a magnetic USB cable to recharge it easily. This toy comes packaged discreetly in an elegant gift box that doubles as a safe storage container.


Acvioo Rose Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

You only need to buy a rose suking vibrator to experience the pleasure of multiple toys at the same time. It can be used as a vibrating dildo and…


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The rose-shaped clitoral sucking vibrator offers two different ways to pleasure yourself or your partner! The blossom surrounds a center opening with suction stimulation for the clitoris, nipples, or any other body part. Choose from five different suction patterns and intensities to match any mood! Even better, you can also flip it over and use the handle as you would a wand vibrator. It measures 7.87” long and 1.37” in diameter at the widest part, and there are 10 vibration patterns that you can select.

This vibrator is crafted from body-friendly silicone with a soft touch and an elegant metal accent. It comes in a lovely foil-stamped gift box that also lets you store it safely and discreetly. The sex toy recharges via a magnetic USB cable. It is completely submersible so you can play anywhere you like. It’s also very quiet at under 45 decibels, although there’s no guarantee that you will be able to stay quiet yourself when the toy is in play!


Satisfyer Deluxe Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator

The Satisfyer Deluxe uses non-contact pressure-wave technology to provide feelings of suction and pulsations, similar to the sensations you…


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The Satisfyer Deluxe definitely lives up to its name – it offers intense satisfaction in a deluxe little rose-gold package. This model is an upgrade to a previous fan favorite and now offers even more power. It stimulates the clitoris (or any other body part) with tiny puffs of air and pressure waves that feel like a combination of suction and pulsation. The stimulation is touch-free, so it will never feel overwhelming or leave you numb. The ergonomic egg shape fits perfectly in your or your partner’s palm. There are 11 different intensities and patterns to choose from, and you’ll have lots of fun finding your favorites.

The Satisfyer is made of body-friendly silicone with a soft, silky feel. The toy has an IPX7 rating so it is completely waterproof for easy cleaning or play in the shower or bathtub. It recharges via a magnetic USB cable. This toy comes with a 15-year product protection warranty!

Wrapping up

A clitoral stimulator is a great first sex toy or an addition to your toy chest. These toys are great for solo or partnered play since they are designed to hit the hot spot perfectly but they are not intimidating to a male partner. We’ve shown you five of our favorites, so go ahead and indulge yourself!

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