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Remote Control Vibrators

It is estimated that roughly three-quarters of all females have some type of vibrator in their home, and this means big business for the manufacturers of these items. The newest types of vibrators are those that use remote controls to give women a better sense of control over how the devices work. The best part is that they come in numerous sizes and designs, not to mention many different functions, so that you can enjoy yourself in the privacy of your own home whenever you like.

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What is a Remote Control Vibrator?

A remote control vibrator is a lot like a standard vibrator. The main difference is that you can operate it via a remote control device or even an app for your smartphone. This means that it’s possible for your significant other to control the device from another location so you can “play” together, but we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. The point is that vibrators that run via remote controls offer many different types and designs, and the remote control makes it even easier to pleasure yourself because you can do so without having to get into different awkward positions.

These vibrators offer a simple way to play and are simple to get used to. Many of them are also waterproof, which means you can bring them in the shower or tub if you like – anytime you like. You’ll find remote control vibrators to be very versatile indeed, so you can play to your heart’s content every time the mood hits you!

Are There Different Types of Remote Control Vibrators?

Have we mentioned that with a remote control vibrator, you and your partner can play together even if you’re in two separate locations? If you want to spice up your love life, this is much easier to do than you think. Let your partner have the remote control and stimulate you even if they’re in another state or country. Or even better, you can each take a remote control or smartphone app and play together. Indeed, there are so many types of RC vibrators that you might have trouble choosing the one you like best.

Some RC vibrators are like standard vibrators, while others are there to stimulate the clitoris or even the anal muscles, which means that whatever turns you on, you can accommodate your own needs any time you like when you own one of these vibrators.

What They’re Made of

It’s important to consider the material these vibrators are made of because each material is different and each one has its own pros and cons. Regardless of what your vibrator is made of, it’s important to clean it before and after each use. A good cleaner made specifically for sex toys will work best. If you don’t have a cleaner, you can clean the toy with mild soap and warm water.

The two most-common types of materials for vibrators are:

  • Porous materials. These include PVC, rubber, jelly, and vinyl. Be careful with these because they can be difficult to clean. Why? Because they tend to attract bacteria and keep it within the pores of the material. You can use them, of course, but be prepared to spend a little more time cleaning them afterwards.
  • Non-porous materials. These include silicone, stainless steel, Lucite, and borosilicate glass. These are not only easier to clean than those made with porous materials but are much safer as well.

Shapes & Sizes of Vibrators

Remote control vibrators come in many different shapes and designs. Some may look a little odd if you’ve never seen one before, but once you realize what it can do for you, you’ll be anxious to own one for yourself. Most of these vibrators are realistic and resemble a penis, and like the real thing, they come in various sizes. Because of this, you can easily find an RC vibrator that suits your needs regardless of what you’re into. And because most of them are relatively inexpensive, you can usually get what you want without breaking the bank.

Stimulation Zones Targeted

Just like other sex toys, RC vibrators can target the different erogenous zones in your body. Everyone has a favorite erogenous zone, just like they have a favorite sexual position and favorite things they like to do in bed. These vibrators can accommodate everyone because they can stimulate areas that include your G-spot, clitoris, vagina, and even your prostate. So yes, a good remote control vibrator can accommodate men as well as women! Even better, many of these toys can stimulate more than one area of the body, allowing for double the fun every time you use them.

Some of Their Many Advantages

Most RC vibrators are powered by rechargeable batteries, and the length of time the batteries run depends on the vibrator itself. When you want to shop for the perfect RC vibrator, it’s good to check on how long the battery power lasts and also whether the device is waterproof. The latter is especially important when you’d like to use the device in the tub or shower. These are just two of the features you should consider before you purchase a remote control vibrator, and they are certainly not difficult to find.

Why a Suction Cup?

As you shop for these types of vibrators, you’ll notice that many of them come with a suction cup. Why? Because when you attach the vibrator with a suction cup, you can enjoy a hands-free experience and make the absolute most of the design and capabilities of these amazing devices. To successfully use your RC vibrator this way, make sure you attach the suction cup according to the directions, since each vibrator has its own features to make sure it sticks properly. Again, some due diligence on your part is a good suggestion so you get just what you want in the end!

Vibration Intensity & More

A vibrator is meant to vibrate (duh!), but the intensity of the device can vary from one vibrator to another. When you buy an RC vibrator, the app or remote control usually affects the intensity of the vibrations, and this means you can make those vibrations as strong as you like. Stimulating your erogenous zones has never been easier because with the tap of a finger or the touch of a button, you can keep your vibrator strong, weak, or anything in between. The only challenge to these features is that vibrators can be sort of loud at times, but if you’re away from other people when using it – which usually happens anyway – this shouldn’t be a problem.

How to Choose the Best Remote Control Vibrators

If you’ve decided you want a remote control vibrator, but you’re not sure which one to choose, we can help. While an app-controlled vibrator sounds intimidating at first, it really isn’t that much to get used to. A few things to take into consideration before deciding which vibrator to choose include the following:

  • RC vibrators can be wearable or non-wearable. Either way, you should choose a vibrator made out of materials that don’t hold onto bacteria and are therefore easy to clean. This usually means a vibrator made out of non-porous materials.
  • If you don’t always have as much privacy as you’d like while using your vibrator, consider choosing one that can get very intense without it being too loud. Your partner will thank you for this later.
  • Let’s see… how can we say this tastefully? Here it goes… when you’re choosing a vibrator, you might as well choose one that fills you up! This is especially important when using a hands-free vibrator, and it’s the best way to get super-stimulated every time you use it.
  • Even if you don’t plan to use your vibrator in the tub or shower, it’s still a good idea to get one that is waterproof. After all, some fluids might get near the vibrator anyway, and a non-waterproof vibrator also means you have to be extra-careful when cleaning it.

Tips for Using RC Vibrators

The good news is, using vibrators is easy because your satisfaction with them is only limited by your imagination! That being said, there are still a few things to keep in mind when buying a vibrator, especially if this is the first time you’ve done so. These things include:

  • Adhere to all directions and safety regulations, which will be included with the vibrator. The sex toy industry is essentially unregulated, so you’ll want to use common sense and heed all instructions to the letter. Inspect the device regularly for any signs of wear and tear, keep it in a cool dry place when it isn’t being used, and only use toys with flared bases for anal use are just a few smart tips to follow with your vibrator.
  • Remember that they are easy to use, but you’ll still want to read and follow all of the instructions that come with the device just to be on the safe side.

Pros and Cons of Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators can be exciting to own, but like any other product on the market, they have their advantages and disadvantages. These include the following:


  • They are versatile and can be used alone or with a partner. This is true even if your partner is on the other side of the globe.
  • Most of them have more than one intensity level, which means you can be as stimulated as you like, regardless of how you’re feeling that day.
  • They allow for hands-free pleasure thanks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Internet capability, not to mention a suction cup.


  • The main disadvantage of a battery operated RC vibrator is that you have to keep it away from water at all times. Even with waterproof vibrators, you need to be careful that no fluids get too close to it. If you notice a crack in the toy or any other defect, you should discard the vibrator and get a new one immediately.


If you’re new to vibrators, there’s no need to be intimidated by ones that are operated via remote control or smartphone app. Keep in mind that in many ways, RC vibrators are perfect for newbies since you have more control over how the vibrator is used. They can also be used in numerous ways, with or without a partner, which means you can even come up with a few new uses of your own if you’re feeling creative that day!

And if you’re wondering about price, not to worry because most remote control vibrators cost less than $100. The more-expensive vibrators are those with several options when it comes to the intensity level and other features as well. Expensive vibrators are often much larger, too. The more fancy features the vibrator has, the more expensive it will be, but it’s very likely you can get a good, powerful RC vibrator for around $50-60.


This varies greatly with each vibrator, but it’s easy to learn the answer simply by reading the description and the instructions associated with the vibrator you’re interested in. In fact, you can usually get all of this information without leaving home if you research on the Internet.

RC vibrators either have a wired or wireless remote control, or you can download an app to your smartphone and use it that way. Either way, using these vibrators is very simple even for non-techies.

Yes! All you do is download the app and make sure it is synced with your device, then follow the instructions on the smartphone to make sure you know how to tell it what it needs to do.

There is no “best” vibrator of any kind, but there are hundreds of excellent RC vibrators on the market today. Decide which features are most important to you so that you get a high-quality vibrator that suits your needs and makes you glad you bought it!

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