Overview of a Sex Swing

A sex swing can be described as “sex furniture.” It is basically a harness that you use to have sexual intercourse with your partner. The harness can be pulled backward, pushed forward, or spun around in circles. As the sex swing moves in different directions, it creates a satisfying sexual experience for you and your partner. You still have to put in the effort too, but it makes an effort more satisfying than normal.

Sex swings are quite popular amongst adults who like BDSM. If you’re in the mood for submissiveness or dominance in the bedroom, then a sex swing is something worth adding to it.

Top 10 Best Sex Swings In 2020

The Benefits of a Sex Swing

You don’t need to be a BDSM expert to assemble and install a sex swing. If you can figure out how to screw materials into a doorframe or ceiling, then it won’t take you long to figure out the installation. To simplify it even more, you can use a stand to suspend the sex swing so that you don’t need to screw in anything. If you use the stand, then you can swing around in 360 degrees. Due to the high-quality materials of the sex swing, it can withstand a maximum of 1,000 pounds.

Anyone feeling adventurous should give sex swings a try. You can experiment with many different sexual positions and see which ones work best for you and your partner. Just swing around in circles, back and forth, or whatever way you can make it swing! Once you get the right range of motion, you’ll climax better than you ever have before in your life.

There are virtually endless sexual positions that you can do with a sex swing. As you become better at using the swing, you can manage the thrusting and rhythm of the sex much better. You don’t have to settle for only vagina sex either. A lot of people love to have anal sex and oral sex while using a sex swing.

Just put the swing right in your bedroom and hop on it whenever you’re feeling horny. Since it is a portable device, you can easily remove it and store it away somewhere safe. Simply fold up or roll up the sex swing and place all the straps inside. Take it with you on vacations or honeymoons and spice up your hotel sex experience.

The User Guide to Sex Swings

A traditional sex swing position requires one partner to lie down or sit on it. Their body is supported by a harness that wraps around everywhere from their back to their legs. The second partner gets on top of them, and they have sex together while swinging around.

Here are some other ways to use sex swings:

1) The Tied Together Position

The first partner hangs the second partner up in the air so that they’re unable to move. This gives the first partner total control and dominance over the second partner. The first partner can change the positions of the second partner and have sex by pushing and pulling on them. Imagine having sex with your partner in midair. How cool would that be?

2) Desperate Pleasure

Install a sex swing that comes with 4 adjustable straps. Make sure they have soft cushions that prevent the body from getting hurt by friction. The swing should secure your arms and legs so that your entire body can hang in the air. Use the 4 straps to secure your wrists and ankles to the device. Your crotch area should be clearly visible and exposed at this point. Now your partner can take the next step and have their way with you.

3) Fidget Spinner Sex

Raise the height of the sex swing. The female partner should grip the swing as she gradually goes to sit down. She must maintain her balance the entire time. The male partner lies down underneath her so that his penis is directly under her vagina. Now the woman controls all of the sexual movement while he just lies there. She can hop up and down on him or spin around in circles while his penis is in her vagina.

4) Magic Carpet

Hold onto the straps as you sit and place your buttocks on the cushion. Lean backward slowly and try to lie down. Maintain a tight grip on the straps as you continue to hold them. This will keep you on the swing in a steady position while in midair. Now your partner has the power to stand on you and do whatever they want to your body. They can make you give them oral pleasure or whatever else they want.

The Top 3 Sex Swings

1) Adjustable Sex Swings

It helps to have a sex swing with an ergonomic design because it is easier to maintain your balance while swinging back and forth. Don’t worry about how far back you lean because you can do so comfortably. Meanwhile, your partner can take control over you by utilizing the handle above.

2) Door Sex Swing (includes Cushion and Adjustable Straps)

The door sex swing is recommended for newbies. If you’re trying out a sex swing for the first time, the door sex swing is a great introduction. You don’t need to have a special location to set up the sex swing because you can simply use any door in your home. There is no drilling or fixtures required for installing the swing.

The cushion and adjustable straps give you more control and comfort as you experience new sexual positions for the first time.

3) Suspension Body Swing for Couples

The Suspension Body Swing is supposed to make it easier for couples to maintain various sexual positions on a sex swing. The installation does not require putting together a big stand or hooking a swing to the ceiling. In fact, you don’t need to use any doors either. This is a self-supported sex swing where you use the adjustable straps to secure your partner in one place. The weight of your legs is supported by the swing so that your arms can relax and be used for anything you want.

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