How to Find the Best Lube for Sex

Regardless of whether you’re with a partner or enjoying yourself alone, the correct Lube can often be the difference between average and amazing sexual stimulation. Luckily, you can locate the proper Lube just by asking yourself a few simple questions:

What do I need to use Lube?

No matter what your answer is, there’s a sex lube out there made only for you. Anal-centric Lubes are thicker and last longer than other Lubes because the anal areas need far more lubrication than other areas. Masturbation-centric Lubes are meant to deal with high rubbing so you can utilize them all alone or with sex toys. Lubes that have flavor transform oral sex into a delectable treat. Tingly Lubes can give extra sensation and arousal during sex. Waterproof silicone let you enjoy great sex in a pool or shower without it wearing off. Warming lubes heat up for even more thrills. And there are always the basic Lubes for those just needing a simple intercourse solution.

What kinds of Lube do I need?

Once you figure out how you’ll use the Lube, you must determine what type you need. There are 4 main kinds of sex Lubes. Water-based lubes are great to use with a wide range of sex toys and condoms, but they don’t keep going as long as different kinds. Oil-based lubes are thick and dependable, but they can’t be used with certain condoms. Silicone-based lubes are waterproof and won’t leave a clingy surface, however they can’t be utilized with silicone toys. Half and half lubes last longer than water-based lubes yet shouldn’t be utilized with silicone toys.

Do I have any unique requirements or needs?

Lubes contain a wide assortment of synthetic substances, additives, and substances. On the off chance you have any hypersensitivities, you ought to investigate the Lube’s fixing rundown to ensure it won’t cause an unfriendly response. It’s likewise essential to look at the name and bundling on the off chance that you have any exceptional dietary limitations. While most Lubes contain fake fixings, there are an increasing number of natural Lubes available. You can even buy Lubes designed specifically for vegans and Orthodox Jews!

A Final Note

On the off chance that you’ve done your research and looked into Lube options and still can’t locate the correct Lube for you, you should be fine with a simple water-based Lube. Water-based Lubes are work with most condoms and most sex toys. They won’t smell up and stain your sheets either. The biggest drawback is that water-based Lubes don’t last if other Lubes, though you can generally apply more if you need to!

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