How Nipple Clamps Function

The nipples are an extremely sensitive area of the body, whether you’re a man or woman. It is easy to stimulate someone sexually by licking or rubbing their nipples. If you want to enhance the excitement, you can even squeeze or pinch them too. For this reason, nipple clamps are trending in the BDSM community. People who love the “good hurt” will love nipple clamps.

Try Out the Nipple Clamps

When you first get your nipple clamps, test them on an area of your body that is not so sensitive. Your earlobe or the excess skin between your index finger and thumb would be two good examples of areas with low sensitivity. If the nipple clamps are adjustable, use the lightest pressure first and gradually raise the tension of the clamps. Stop when you get to a tension level that feels appropriate. Once you’ve done this, you will have a basic idea of how to use a nipple clamp.

Attaching Nipple Clamps

Your nipple clamps must be erect before you put them on. If they’re not erect, then take the next couple of minutes to try and get them pointy. When you’re ready to put them on, open the clamp by squeezing the end. Put your nipple in the middle of the jaws and close the clamp slowly. You can make adjustments to the clamp by raising or lowering the pressure if necessary.

Length of Time to Wear the Nipple Clamps

Do not wear any breast toy for longer than advised. When your nipples get pinched, it prevents blood from flowing to them. If you were to stay in this condition throughout the night, you would experience trouble sleeping and some other unwanted side effects. That is why it is recommended to take off the nipple clamps after 15 minutes or less. Once the clamps are removed, give your nipples between 20 to 30 minutes to recuperate. Then you can put the nipple clamps back on for another session.

Different Ways to Use Nipple Clamps

As the nipple clamps are attached, you can do additional things to stimulate yourself. For instance, if there are chains attached to the clamps, they’ll add more weight onto your nipples and increase your sexual stimulation. Your partner can even pull on these chains and use them like a leash. Some nipple clamps even have mini vibrators attached to them in order to cause a vibrating effect for extra stimulation.

Don’t limit yourself to your nipples only. If you’re truly experienced at using these clamps, you can attach them onto your tongue, genitals, or ear lobes too.

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