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Enjoy a Healthy, Happy Hoo-Ha with the Smart Dr. Whale Toy

This exciting new vibrator from the innovative minds at Monster Pub is everything you need to maximize your sexual pleasure – and your partner’s! It is not only a super-sophisticated Bluetooth sex toy designed to bring you to new heights of happiness in many different ways, but the premium version guides you through the right way to do your Kegel exercises.

Getting Down with Dr. Whale

First and foremost, the Dr. Whale toy is a vibrator, and we all know what vibrators do. Dr. Whale does it best! Its clever design (it looks like a happy whale!) is engineered so that it targets your G-spot with its body while its lightly textured tail tickles your clitoris. This whale is powerful, too; it’s made with dual motors for trademarked “stereo waves” vibration at up to 15,000 rpm. This is what you came for, and this is what’s going to keep you coming back.

There are eight levels of intensity, so you can go from mild to wild to suit any mood. Dr. Whale is made from smooth, silky silicone in a pretty shade of pale blue that flatters most skin tones, and it’s completely waterproof. You can play wherever you want, and cleanup is quick and easy. It recharges via USB. A full charge takes under two hours and yields a solid three hours of playtime.

Dr. Whale is warm, too! It can heat up to a gentle 42 degrees Celsius within two minutes. This is just above body heat and it makes the silicone surface feel even more like a lover’s skin. You’ll also enjoy Monster Pub’s unique, trademarked “Love Beats.” Your toy features an adjustable glowing light so that you will always be able to find it no matter how dark your room is.

So Much Connection

Very possibly the most exciting thing about Dr. Whale is that it is a Bluetooth sex toy, which means that it is operated by a smartphone app. At its most basic, you don’t have to worry about fiddly remote controls that get lost in blankets or under pillows. All you need for Dr. Whale to work its magic is your phone – and these days, who doesn’t always have their phone at hand?

The app allows you to pick from pre-programmed vibration patterns, including ones shared by other satisfied users, or design your own. The choices are literally limitless, so you can have exactly what you want, when you want it, for as long as you want it. You can also set the app to respond to sounds or other stimuli, which can allow you to experience your favorite tunes in a completely new way!

Bluetooth connectivity also opens up a whole new world. Not only can you operate Dr. Whale from your own smartphone, but you can also turn control over to your lover. You can play together whether you’re next to each other in bed or across the world as long as there is a data connection. This is ideal for long-term long-distance lovers or partners who happen to be traveling for work.

Public play is even possible here! Dr. Whale is discreet enough that no one will notice it under your clothes. You can tuck it into snugly fitting panties before you head out for the day and let your lover take control, or you can sit across from each other at a quiet restaurant with a special little secret. You’ll enjoy all the different places you can play with Dr. Whale. It’s even compatible with popular platforms such as Wechat, WhatsApp, and iMessage – your partner can control the toy with their Apple Watch for the ultimate discreet indiscretions.

For the most adventurous among us, the app allows you to connect with complete strangers who may be anywhere on the planet (Don’t worry; you can also disable this function if you prefer to play only with your own partner.) This kind of teledildonic technology adds a whole new meaning to the term “international relations,” and it’s something that only the most sophisticated sex toys are set up with.

Whether you plan to play on your own behind closed doors, with your partner across the table at a fancy restaurant, with a partner who’s across the ocean, or with a mysterious stranger who is who knows where, Dr. Whale’s smartphone app promises a whale of a good time.

Premium Version

The premium version of Dr. Whale includes a Kegel training regimen, which works with the app described above. Kegel exercises strengthen and increase control over the pelvic muscles. This is good for everybody, but is especially vital for women who have carried and birthed children.

Kegels improve bladder control, decrease incontinence, and may help reduce the feeling of urinary urgency. They can also make the vagina feel tighter, which is something that often increases sexual pleasure for both partners.

Just like any good doctor, the Dr. Whale device and app focus on improving your health and fitness. It helps you do Kegels correctly (it’s not always easy to isolate and target the correct areas) and track your progress. Not only will you have lots and lots of fun with this vibrator, but you’ll be in better shape to enjoy health and happiness for many years to come.


The Dr. Whale toy is the most compact of the Monster Pub sex toy line at 82.5 mm long and 34.1 mm in diameter. It’ll fit nicely in your hand and everywhere else. You get the Dr. Whale toy, charging cable, storage bag, and user manual all neatly packaged in a charming gift box. Available accessories include a “cosplay hat” that turns Dr. Whale into a shark, and a charging/display stand with a Monster Pub character stamp. Accessories are made with the same high-quality silicone and match Dr. Whale perfectly.

Dr. Whale, and all other Monster Pub toys, ship quickly and discreetly. They will ship anywhere in the world and shipping is free. Monster Pub has been making unique, creative sex toys since 2015. They hold 10 patents and have been recognized with the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award.

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