Lovehoney Jewelled Metal Butt Plug 2.5 Inch


Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Vibrating Butt Plug


Silicone Jewelled Butt Plug Set (3 Piece)


BASICS Slimline Butt Plug


Lovehoney Classic Silicone Medium Plug



Butt Plugs: What are They?

If you want extensive anal stimulation throughout the day before and during sex, Butt Plugs are the toy for you!

Butt Plugs are anal sex toys you can use for a variety of anal stimulation techniques. There are both regular ones and Remote-Control Butt Plugs on the marketplace.

You can use a Butt Plug during many types of activities throughout your day, even including day-to-day tasks. Some use them for just a short amount of time, while others use them for extensive periods. The choice is yours!

Butt Plugs’ are designed to be held in place as well. They have a small and tapered front which gives them an easy entry point, a heavy middle that fill the orifice up, and an extremely narrow neck that leads to a fat and full base. This gives Butt Plugs a spade-like shape.

Butt Plugs have several materials, including smooth materials like silicone and solid materials like glass and metal. They are many sizes also: beginner Butt Plugs are often less 1 inch wide at the thickest point, and higher Butt Plugs may be 3 inches+ wide! Some of the Butt Plugs are standalones, and others have vibrators for extra stimulation. There are Remote Control Butt Plugs as well, and ones with fox and horse tails for use in fantasy play.

Using Your Butt Plug

Butt plugs are made for many uses – you’ll just need to figure out how you’d like to use them! Many lovers of anal play use their Butt Plugs for hours at one time. They often use Butt Plugs to prepare for anal sex or just because they like the long, powerful stimulation. Some couples use the aforementioned Remote-Control Butt Plugs, which have very powerful stimulation ability. Many use them for masturbating as well. Men can use butt plugs to strengthen their prostate for sex by themselves or with a partner.

Butt Plugs and Anal Sex

The spade-like shape of Butt Plugs makes them a perfect tool for anal sex preparation. Butt Plugs help with stretching and loosening up sphincter muscles as you wear them. The more frequently use a Butt Plug, the ore accustomed you’ll be to anal penetration, which makes it more likely it’ll be a pleasurable experience for you and with your partner!