Beginner’s Guide to Clitoral Pumps

Clitoral pumps are a fun and functional type of sex toy that makes the clitoris bigger, harder, and more sensitive, which makes it easier to stimulate and also makes orgasms stronger. A manual or electric clit pump is a fun addition to any adult toy chest. If you’d like to try one out, read on to learn what’s most likely to do the job best for you! You’ll want to look for the pussy pump or clitoral pump that is the best fit for your body and also has the features that matter to you and your solo or partnered sex life.

There are plenty of different pumps to peruse, from the most basic and to those that boast super-special, super-sexy features or high-tech attachments. Choosing a new sex toy is obviously a very personal decision and these clit pumps are no different, so read on to learn which one might become your new roommate and best friend.


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What Is a Clitoral Pump and How Does it Work?

Clitoral pumps and pussy pumps are small, contoured, manual or electric devices that women can position over the clit and other parts of the vagina and vulva, if desired. They are suction pumps with cups/chambers that fit snugly over the clitoris.

The suction from the device makes this highly vascular tissue engorge and swell so that it is both more prominent and more sensitive. This can be very appealing for a partner to see as it clearly signals arousal, and it also makes sex play much more intensely pleasurable. Most women report that they are able to orgasm more easily and more intensely with a clit pump in play, and many women and men also appreciate how an engorged clitoris looks and feels.

For the best experience, you’ll need to be sure that the cup or chamber has an airtight seal; a little water-based lube is good for this (and that can be said for most of the toys in this guide). Clit and pussy pumps can be operated manually or run by electricity. Manual pumps depend on a bulb or lever to create the desired suction, and electric pumps run on replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

Features to Consider When Shopping

Size and Shape: Clitoral pumps are made in as many varieties as clitorises are, and you’ll need to find the right fit for your own particular body. When we’re talking about size and shape, it’s the suction chamber/cup that matters here. You can get sweetly petite and tight or masterfully big and bold; you’ll know what suits you best. Some of the most popular clit pumps come with multiple cups in different shapes and sizes that you can try on for fit and feel in the privacy of your own home.

Material and Texture: Anything that touches any area of your skin – and especially where it is the most vulnerable – should be body-safe, which means hypoallergenic and nonporous (for thorough cleaning). This isn’t anything to worry about with reputable sex toy manufacturers, such as the ones that we’re showing you, since they make toys that feel good and that you can feel good about.

You do need to make sure that your clit suction pump is comfortable and fits closely so you can get a tight seal, and this is where the material matters. Some women are able to get a good fit with rigid plastic or acrylic suction clit pump chambers, but many do find that silicone cups, or at least silicone rims, are more comfortable against sensitive skin and able to adjust better to accommodate contours and folds.

Coverage: A pussy pump has similar functionality and features as a clitoral pump, but a pussy pump usually encompasses the labia majora and much of the vulva area as well. They’re both a lot of fun to play with and they both help address certain types of sexual dysfunction, so think about the area that you want to target and which is usually most responsive.

Vibrators and Other Features: Some clit pumps and pussy pumps are designed to warm you up for solo or partner play, and some are designed to be the main event (or at least one of them!). If you think that you want your clit pump device to get you off in addition to getting you ready for more, look for sex toys that also offer additional stimulation through the use of vibration, ticklers, and other special touches.

Power Source: You can choose clit pump sex toys that operate under person power (they usually have a bulb or a lever), pumps that run on regular replaceable batteries, and pumps that are rechargeable. Manually operated pumps provide more control over the level of suction and they are somewhat more responsive. They are also less expensive. These features are great for people who are new to playing with clitoral pumps.

Electric or battery-powered pussy and clitoral pumps let you enjoy hands-free fun (as long as fit is tight and right). You can pay less attention to the pump and more on your own pleasure. These are often higher-end pumps with additional special touches.


Clitoral pumps are a great way to increase sensitivity, pleasure, and orgasms. You can choose basic, efficient pumps or ones that are loaded with fun features to increase your pleasure. If you are new to pump play, you may want to start out with a manually operated one so that you can have total control over the experience.

These suction-based sex toys are well suited for either solo or partnered sex. You can experiment on your own and then show your partner some new tricks! They come in various sizes and shapes so you are sure to find one that’s just right for you. You can choose from different materials to get one that feels good on your body, and you can also choose vibration, ticklers, and other add-ons for extra intensity.

Whether you’re new to clitoral and pussy pumps or you’re wanting to add to your collection, the right one is out there and we’re here to help you find it!

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