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Fun Ways to Use Anal Toys

While many sex toys are straightforward, Anal Toys have some additional step for safe and responsible use. This beginner friendly guidebook is going to walk you through all the things you must learn about using Anal Toys.

1. Get a Container of Anal Lube

Anal Lube is necessary for all types of anal penetration. The anus does not produce natural lubricant, so you must supply your own personal. Though you can utilize any kind of lube if you absolutely must, Anal Lubes are the best ones to use. Anal Lubes are thicker and last longer compared to the regular lubes, and result in more powerful anal penetration. Some of the market’s Anal Lubes also contain numbing elements (such as benzocaine) to take the edge off the senses so you can focus on the fun and pleasure.

2. Clean Them Up Afterwards

Many veteran Anal Toy users just them with soap and water prior to usage. In contrast to popular opinion, fecal material is in the intestines, not the anus. If you wipe thoroughly and have good anal hygiene and habits, you should not have anything to be concerned about. If you’re still concerned, you can use an anal douche or enema beforehand.

3. Relax!

You may be nervous the first time you use Anal Toys, but those nervous feelings will just make your sphincter ring more uptight and make things worse. Relax the rear with some gentle teasing. Lube up the little finger as well as your sphincter, and gradually massage the sphincter ring so it chills out and opens. Rub it while you continue inserting the finger. If your band firms up once again, stop inserting the finger of yours and continue massaging till it opens once again.

4. Get Your Anal Toy and Begin!

Once you’re relaxed, it’s time to play! Apply an ample amount of Anal Lube to your sphincter and toy.

Probe around the sphincter ring with the Anal Toy, and gradually insert the tip and find out the way it feels. If you want to continue, then begin shifting the anal toy in small, mild circles for massage-esque sensation. Lightly put the Anal Toy in deeper while continuing the circular movement. You’ll want to get it gradually so your body can adjust. And you can always stop if you’re extremely nervous or in pain. If so, you can always try again another day!

5. Clean the Toy Again

When you are finished, remove the Anal Toy carefully and slowly. Wash your Anal Toy right away with water and soap. Then rinse the rear with a warm, wet cloth to help relax the muscles.